Dubli Network Review – Good or Bad?

The Dubli Network has been around for a little while now and it seems to be getting attention by some big name internet marketer lately. If you are here right now then chances are you are looking for information to either talk you into joining or not joining this income opportunity.

They seem to be a sales portal where you can send visitors and referrals to make and ‘save’ on online purchases. You see, many people are already making online purchases but now they can make the exact same purchases but now have an ‘opportunity’ to make money and receive cash backs.

2 Ways to Join:

1- Free Member (earn regular cash back + 4%)

2- VIP $99 Annually (earn regular cash back + 5%)

Keep in mind that there are some internet marketing teams who are offering higher level entry points that range between $600 to $2,500 that offer more advantages than the two levels above.

This model seems to be similar to Smart Media Technologies. The Founder of Dubli Network (CEO) is Mark Hanson who was a guy who started out with a degree in ‘mechanical’ engineering. See there is no telling to how far someone can go with a little (or a lot) education. Mark has worked with Lego (yes the toy manufacturer) in the past and was directly involved with the ‘Star Wars’ line of product.

Mark currently lives and operates out of Dubai.

The company seems to revolve around a tool bar that users download and search with.

Ways to Make Money with them:

You can make money by ‘referring’ others to the network, by making purchases though the portal and receiving cash back percentages and by directly ‘recruiting’ others into your personal team.

In the beginning everything looks good on paper but in reality it is always something else.

In my opinion, the opportunity relies on selling products that people buy and use on a daily basis (money that people spend anyway) so why not ‘cash in’ on this right?

But in reality people like to shop in person and ‘touch and feel’ their products before they buy.

So in a nutshell, there are two ways to make money with Dubli:

1- Recruiting

2- Customer base – Creating a customer base that will buy through your own sales portal.

Avon – How It Works – How Much Can You Make?


  • Thinking of becoming an AVON Representative?
  • Wondering how Avon works and if Avon will work for you?
  • Read this Mathematical breakdown of how you can make money with Avon.


Basic Start Up Cost

Once you begin marketing Avon, you aren’t working for Avon.
That’s THE most common misunderstanding. You pay them a
minimal fee of $10 dollars to become an Independent

You do not have to ‘stockpile’ any products however, they will
offer you some kind of ‘incentives’ like buying some bulk items at
a discount. Be careful not to buy any products that you may not
be able to move yourself no matter how appealing it may sound to
you at the time.

How to Make Money

You then take orders from buyers in your market and earn
commissions from each sale that you make.You begin making 40% earnings for the first two “campaigns”.
Each campaign lasts for 2 weeks. You will be getting 40% for the
first 4 weeks . After that, you get anywhere from 10 to 50%,
depending on the sales you make.

How Much Can You Make Selling Avon?If you’re going to make some form of serious money with this company  “You need to distribute about
$2000 worth of products per campaign to become eligible to make the fifty percent” and that is only on
SOME products. There are several products where you’ll always ONLY make 20 percent profit.So, basically for every 1K that you sell, you can earn approximately 400 to 450 dollars.Earnings / Commissions$1 – 119.99 = 10% profit
$120 – 214.99 = 20% profit
$215 – 319.99 = 30% profit
$320 – 464.99 = 35% profit
$465 – 1064.99 = 40% profit
$1065 – 1,684.99 = 45% profit
$1,685 or more = 50% profit


Don’t forget that you must deliver all of your products to your buyers as well. That can take  plenty of
time, not to mention the cost of fuel for your vehicle, and maintenance. The average buyer only buys
about $25 worth of products during whatever campaign.

That implies you will require about one hundred buyers to establish the $2000 sales you need to acquire the 50% profit. That’s driving to a hundred people’s houses just to make one thousand dollars every two weeks subtracting your business
expenses. Please note this paragraph estimate is only for those reps who wish to pursue a sales
volume of $2,000 or over to maintain the 50 percent profit margin.

After covering the cost of your vehicle gas, you will need to pay Avon for all your sales catalogues, materials, bags and packaging, samples and whatever else you need to market your Avon business.There’s also several additional behind the scenes functions which  involve completing forms, tremendous piles of paperwork, phoning customers, processing orders on the phone, and considering back orders and whatever problems your recruits (If you brought in any new reps under you) or customers might have.

Keep in mind that Avon also has a great refund policy for their customers.  Bad for you.  If a customers chooses to return certain products, you incur the loss in commission after all the hard work, effort and smiles you put into your business.Avon offers brownie points for introducing new members to build your team of representatives.

Who is Avon?

Avon Products, Inc is a US cosmetics, toy seller, perfume  company with markets in over 140
countries across the world and sales of $9.9 billion worldwide as of 2007.  Avon Products is a multi-
level marketing company or if you have ever hear the term MLM.


If you are considering making money with Avon, here are some facts you should know:-

  • Avon products are sold primarily through independent reps. They will not sell direct to you.
  • Avon’s product lines include lipsticks, foundations, bath and skin lotions, anti-aging cream,
    perfumes, as well as jewellery and clothing.
  • Avon uses both door-to-door sales people (“Avon ladies,” primarily) and catalogues to
    advertise their products.
  • Avon also encourages Home Parties to promote products and to accumulate sales.

3 Phase Positioning With Avon:

Phase I                Starter Level                Your Cost:  Phase I     Kit — $60.00.
A complete in-home training package that comes into its own 3-ring binder. The topics covered in
your training include the fundamentals of Skin Care, Color & Fragrance, Consultative Selling and
Customer Service, as well as in-depth training on . With your purchase of the Phase I Kit, you become
an Avon Beauty Advisor.
Phase I Kit — $60.00.

Phase II                Second Level                                              Your Cost: $125.00
A one-day, live, for-fee professional training class, Graduate qualifies you as a Certified Beauty

Phase III                Third Level                Your Cost: $600.00
Beauty Advisor career opportunity .

If you are looking for a way to make extra money (and you are an adult with adult type bills to
pay) then I wouldn’t honestly recommend Avon to you.


Well my wife used to sell it and although she was capable of making a profit, it just wasn’t
worth it in the long run.


Because Avon makes the rep (you the person doing all the work) take on all the expenses like
buying brochures to sell their products, bags, other accessories, gas and maintenance for
your car (if you have one and you will need one if you want to make anything substantial with

Look, I am not saying that you shouldn’t have any start up expenses to get a business up and
running because being an independent Avon rep is having your own little business.

However, I strongly believe that Avon should be paying you guys more than just 35% per sale
after doing all that work and taking on Avon’s own expenses that they are pawing off on you
(the distributor).

In my honest opinion, the great majority of people who ‘attempt’ to sell Avon won’t make much money at all. The commissions are just way too low (the reps who are required to do all the hard work – find customers, take orders, pay for all the fancy packaging and advertising PLUS the cost of other things like gas ETC) for all that hard work.

Yes there are some reps who have somehow manage to make a thousand bucks or more in
profit per month (and some very few who ‘claim’ to make six figures per year).

How do they do that?

These type of people are hard headed, don’t care who they approach and recruit as many
reps under them as possible to increase their monthly sales volume.

In the end, most of the people who attempt Avon don’t have thick skin and enough sales
experience to make enough money to see a good profit.

Look Avon can help you make some money if you are willing to do all the stuff that they are asking you to do. However if you don’t like leaving your home to make money by selling to strangers, here is an opportunity that has a lot more profit potential than Avon!

Xplocial How It Works – Do you really want to know?

If you are here today, then chances are you have been introduced to the Xplocial home business income opportunity and need some more info about how it all works and if you should really join this.

Are you ready?

Okay let’s go!

How it works: By now you should know that Xplocial is a ‘membership’ site that offers ‘discounts’ and a way for the internet marketer to make some extra cash.

If you haven’t read a good review on Xplocial then that would be a good idea.

To get started, it will cost you $24.95 for the web hosting fees – this is one way that the company makes money from you joining.

You do the work: You the marketer, gets involved and come running out of the gates excited. You have two options:

1- If you are like most people, you probably have very little experience in marketing online. If this is you, then you may be restricted to sharing your link with friends and family.

2- You have some experience and knowledge about how internet marketing works. You get busy creating traffic and sending it to your affiliate link of Xplocial.

Now are you ready for the bad news?

You have to pass up your very first sale to your sponsor.

And did you know that your first sale is going to be the hardest one for you to make?

Well it will be especially if you are new.

Do they really pay 100% commissions?

Yes they do but only on the sales that you are entitled to, not on your 1st, 3rd or your 6th sale.

Did you know why some of the big wig marketers got involved in Xplocial?

Because they already have a large following, lots of leads (coming in every day) and an already existing cash flow.

Should you join? Well like I said, if you already have an existing downline and following. If not, I wouldn’t want to pass up my very 1st sale. Would you?

Vertical Legacy Review – Get Educated Now

Here is an unbiased review of the Vertical Legacy income opportunity. It is unbiased because it was written by someone not trying to ‘sell’ it to you. However, I do have experience with a previous version of this company. Are you considering joining this biz? Want to know how it all works and if you can make money with it? Let’s find out…

Launch Date: They are in still in pre launch (at the time of writing this article) and will officially launch by Dec 15th, 2013.

Company Founders: The company is founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey. Kip and Karl originally founded the Wealth Masters International company that resulted in a lot of up coming entrepreneurs becoming successful Internet Marketers. Some of the marketers who became successful with WMI were names like Aaron Rashkin, Jay Kubassek, Shaqir Hussyin, Micheal Force and many more (that you most likely have heard of).

Kip Herriage is an ex financial planner and money manager from Wall Street. Before launching WMI, Kip managed money for one of the most largest investment firms and was reported to look over 70 Million dollars for his clients.

Karl Bessey wasn’t responsible for managing millions of dollars for a company but he actually had a more interesting story. Karl was a coal miner (for 22 years) from Utah that basically found a way out of the mines by marketing a direct sales opportunity.

Karl’s story is – “From the Coal Mines to the Gold Mines” which is 100% true. After he witnessed the death of a co-worker and friend in the coal mine one day, he vowed that he would do everything in his ‘power’ to make sure that would never happen to him.

Is Vertical Research a Scam? I don’t like to use this word but there are a lot of un educated people surfing the Internet (and some of them have been involved in this industry for years). There were some scam reports about WMI in the past but they were written by people who got started, did next to nothing in promotion and left feeling sorry for themselves.

Kip and Karl always addressed every ‘grievance’ that they were ever faced with. They always stuck by the rules of the FTC (federal trades commission) and still do to this day.

K ip and Karl will pay you what you are ‘entitled’ to.

How do I know?

Because I am an ex WMI affiliate. I always got paid (and on time).

I made my first $700 sale online with Kip and Karl. For me that is a success story in itself because before that point, I never had much success and seven hundred bucks into my pocket was really nice.

There are some big time marketers who are knocking WMI and will knock VR. Don’t listen to them.

Why am I not marketing VR?

Because I have already started another opportunity before VR and do not suffer from the shiny object syndrome.

However, some people will join an opportunity (any opportunity) and once they figure out that there is some work involved, they quit after a few months (and some decide to write scam reports out of envy for the people succeeding with that particular biz opp).

It does not matter what business you get started with, they all receive these B.S Scam reports the longer the company exists.

Comp Plan: On the first two products, they are paying out 100% commission that are shared between the marketer and the sponsor. If you join, you will get paid an 80% commission and your sponsor will get a 20% commission.

On the remaining three products, they are paying out 90% between you and your sponsor.

Product Line:

  • Vertical Press Blogging Alliance $25/month
  • Vertical Business $100/month
  • Vertical Wealth $150/month
  • Vertical Life (one time fee) $1,000
  • Vertical Legacy 360 (one time fee) $3,000

Bonus Income: Global Bonus pool. From all sales made, VR will put a percentage back into what is known as a global pool. You will make an additional 1% of that pool for doing no extra work.

Don’t want to share? If you want to work with a leader, you have got to be willing to share in the form of pass up sales or percentage sales with your sponsor.

How do you make money with Vertical Legacy? You make money by marketing or promoting your business. If you can manage to learn how to become a savvy marketer, you can make money with this business (or any other for that matter).

Should you join? Look, the opportunity here does not lie in the business alone. Yes the business has to have good products that offer value.

VR seems to have that!

The business also needs to have a good paying structure.

VR seems to have that! They are paying you 80% commissions on (each) sale.

So if you can hold yourself responsible for your success, then yes I would reccomend joining  this business.

In the end it will be up to you in order for your success to manifest and become a reality.

VR is an awesome opportunity. This concludes my review of the Vertical Research Business Opportunity.

Solavei Review – Low Cost = Low Revenue

solavei business opportunityThis review of the Solavei was written by someone not selling this income opportunity. This article should be read by all those considering joining this business. This is about you getting all the facts to help you make an ‘educated’ decision.

Company Launch Date: The company was launched back in September 2012 by Ryan Wuerch (founder) along with some high profile executives from companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, JP Morgan, Microsoft and others.

Main Product Niche: Solavei is based in the mobile phone industry. They offer products and services in the mobile market like voice, text and data. Get unlimited voice, text and data on a nationwide 4G network starting at just $39/month. This is a good deal.






Parent Network: They are piggy backing on the T-Mobile Network. Basically companies like these will buy services from larger companies and network and then resell them to make a profit.

Start Up Costs: Many members choose the ‘unlimited’ voice, text and data plan.

  • Service Member: You only want to use the service and not sell the opportunity for income. This will cost you $49 per month.
  • Social Member: If you want to sell the Solavei income opportunity to others, it will cost you $49 per month.
  • Seller without having the service yourself will cost you a $149 fee annually.

Or if you choose to use your ‘own’ phone, you can just buy the $29 Sim card below:

Solavei Phone Products

How do you make money with Solavei? To activate your power line, you must first enroll three people through your affiliate link. This is called a ‘Trio’. Now once you have a Trio established, you will be paid $20 per Trio per month (as long as they stay active).

Should you Join Solavei? If you are brand new to the network marketing industry, then it may be a good opportunity to ‘cut’ your teeth on. I say that mainly due to the low entry costs. For someone who wants to make a little extra money, this can be a good fit partly because it is cheap to join and also because the commissions are pretty low.

Low Start Up Costs = Low Payouts

However, there are some big marketers who can manage to make a lot of money with Solavei and that is mainly because they understand this industry and have the experience and skills needed to be successful with any opportunity.

When you are new to any biz opp, most likely you don’t have much of a ‘following’ (if any) so your first few sales are usually the hardest ones to make. But if you do manage to stick it out long enough to make your first ‘Trio’, your chances for success will be greatly increased.

Xplocial Review – Is it really safe to join?

An honest review of the Xplocial home business opportunity not written by someone selling it. Why are all the big wigs joining? Can you make a small fortune with this low start up business model?

Let’s find out…

Xplocial seems to be another membership type deal that seems to be very popular these days. First of all, I would like to say that memberships sites can be a very good source of residual income (if you can promote it effectively).

Memberships sites like this one require members (in your downline) to pay you on a monthly (reoccurring) basis.

Can you say Kaching?

I hope this article assists you in how Xplocial works.

Xplocial Theme: This business model is based around the idea of making people money and offering people discounts. So it is about making money and saving money (both good in this economy).

The products are certificates that offer people savings on shopping, car rental and vacations ETC.

Start Up Costs: You can get started at two levels. The Gold package is $29 and the Platinum is $100. There is also a hosting fee that is paid to the company for $24.95. What ever level you want is entirely up to you.

100% Commissions: You make 100% of the commissions that you are entitled to. See the comp plan for more details. You are basically able to make 100% commissions because after you get started you’re basically a re seller.

Comp Plan: You have to pass up your 1st, 3rd and 6th sale to your sponsor (en roller). However, if you can learn how to market yourself ‘effectively’, you will make pass up sales from your team!

Business Building Tools: They offer lead capture pages, lead management tools, auto responders, text messaging and phone broadcasts ETC.

Should you join? Well if you are a beginner and are looking for a business to ‘cut’ your teeth on, then this may be a good fit for you. However, if your desire is to make a lot of money because you need to replace your income entirely, then you may need something with a bigger commission structure.

Being able to make enough sales to ‘keep’ you in the green with this business model, will be dependent on your ability to ‘market and promote’.

I don’t like the fact that you have to pass up your very first sale to your en roller. Your first sale will be the hardest one for you to make and you should be able to keep it in my opinion.

Joining any opportunity and having to pass up your very first sale may not be a very bright idea (especially if you are new). 

Team Tissa Rotator – How it Works

Team Tissa RotatorResearching Team Tissa? Wandering how the rotator works? Looking for a winning strategy? Wandering if this is the right team for you to join? Well here we go…

How does the traffic rotator work? The founder Tissa Godavitarne (I always have trouble spelling his name) funnels ‘his’ own

traffic via his list of over 500,000 email subscribers along with paid media sources.

The traffic is then equally distributed among his overall organizations affiliate links. So in a nut shell, you can begin to get traffic to your sales pages just by joining the team.

Will you get what you are promised? Tissa obviously knows the universal laws that ‘governs’ all of us. He is aware of cause and effect. Yes he will give you what he says he’s going to give you.

Leverage: If you are a ‘newbie’, you can level the success of Tissa combined with the overall team. This is great news for you since your story is just in the developing stages.

Real Testimonials: You will also be able to leverage the results of excited team members who have already made sales by utilizing the Team Tissa Rotator. This can be very powerful.

Can you become successful just by joining Team Tissa? Look, your success can only be determined by ‘one’ individual – You!

Yes you will start getting ‘targeted’ traffic just by joining but you will still be required to pay the price for success.

“Leaders are NOT born – They are Developed”

You must first learn how to lead yourself before you will ever learn how to lead others.

Here is a system that is having more success than the Tissa Rotator right now and maybe Tissa himself may be secretly using it right now.

Team Tissa Review

Team Tissa PictureAre you considering joining Team Tissa? Hoping it is the right team for you to join? Wandering if it will make you successful quicker?

Let’s find out in this detailed review written by someone not from Team Tissa:

Founder: The Team is founded by Tissa Godavitarne from Herndon Virginia. He now resides in Washington DC. He was previously a leader from GDI (Global Domains International).

To get to the level of success that Tissa is experiencing, you have got to be doing something right. And anyone who has seen one of his videos can clearly see the leadership that he portrays (with ease).

Large Following: When you see the size of this team and the support members are giving Tissa especially while on stage in front of a live audience, this should be a green flag right there.

The team cheers (and even screams with joy) at any event that he is speaking. The real reason they scream is for themselves first and him second. They believe that he represents some kind of big change (for them) and he can just as long as they do what he instructs them to do.

Team Tissa Rotator: Many new people are being drawn into the team like a bee is to honey because of this rotator. Many newbies are still struggling in this industry and hope to find quicker ways for success.

Many people believe that tools like this can help them make money quicker. This idea can work very well for the marketers who already know what it takes to have success because it is like a ‘perk’ for the novice marketer to join them.

Does it work? Well it does seem to be working like a charm. If you watch the videos in the rotator, you can see testimonials being made by many team members.

However, it is just a ‘perk’ for you to join the team. Yes you will get what Tissa is promising you from using the rotator but this does not ensure your long term success. Sure you can make a sale or two from any rotator that has enough traffic supplied to it but in the end it will be up to you to still become a successful marketer.

You will still be mainly responsible for driving ‘targeted’ traffic to your lead capture pages.

How Does Big Idea Mastermind Work? Do you really want to know?

Big Idea Mastermind

Wandering how Big Idea Mastermind Works? Will it work your you? Let’s find out:

The Idea: Big Idea Mastermind also known as BIM is basically a front end system that was created by Internet Marketing Guru – Vick Strizheus. This man is basically allowing the novice marketer the ability of ‘leveraging’ his success as opposed to trying to struggle your way to success if you don’t have a story yet.

Lead Generation: The system allows you (the member) the ability of collecting leads without having to create your own lead capture pages, videos and email follow up series.

The Process: You will be responsible for generating targeted traffic towards your BIM landing pages. Leads ‘opt’ in for more info. They start viewing and learning via the videos. So in essence, they will not only be viewing an income opportunity but also learning a thing or two that will help them with their own success.

Selling Empower Network Products: The system itself is basically an engine for you to sell the Empower Network Product Line and to be able to ‘cash in’ on the lucrative compensation plan without having to worry about all of the ‘competition’ already out there marketing EN.

So in essence, you will be marketing BIM instead of straight up marketing the Empower Network opportunity.

BIM is also the largest team in Empower Network and Vick Strizheus is the top income earner (at the time of writing this article).

Will Big Idea Mastermind Work (for you)? This is a very powerful system yes. But keep in mind that no matter how powerful or sexy a system is, it will still be up to you (the marketer) to begin ‘driving’ targeted traffic to it.

If you are just expecting to join BIM and see the money start rolling in, then you are going to be in for a rude awakening. It will still be up to you to actively market and promote yourself and business like a professional.

Big Idea MasterMind Review – Warning

Big Idea Mastermind

Most of the reviews of Big Idea Mastermind seem to be written by members of BIM or Empower Network affiliates.  

Here is a ‘detailed’ review of BIM that is not written by a member.

Does Big Idea Mastermind really work?

History: BIM was first launched in mid 2013 by Internet Marketing Guru Vick Strizheus.

Engine: It is basically a ‘front’ end system built around the Empower Network. According to Vick, it is a way for the average person to stand ‘head and shoulders’ above the competition (other people marketing Empower).

Guru Leverage: The platform itself will allow the ‘newbie’ marketer to leverage off the Guru’s (Vick’s) success story, knowledge and experience.

Generate Leads and Sales: Any BIM marketer using the system can begin driving traffic to their own personal BIM members link and the system itself will generate you leads and eventually sales (if you can manage to create enough ‘targeted’ traffic).

Video Series: Once someone enters your sales funnel, you get to keep the lead (opportunity seeker). The lead then watches the videos. Each video actually teaches the new marketer something and spikes their interest. There is always an option for the lead to ‘buy’ at any time.

Email Follow Up: The system also works with a series of pre written emails that are probably written by Vick himself. This allows you to leverage a series of ‘compelling’ auto responder email messages that encourage the lead to buy.

Stream Lined: The BIM system it self looks very sleek and interesting. It gives a person the feel of success, prosperity and the ‘Internet Marketing Lifestyle’.

How to Make Money with Blog Beast (Empower Network)

Blog BeastTrying to find out how and if you can make money with Blog Beast? Is this some ‘hyped’ up word press blog or a legitimate way for you to make money online?

Let’s find out?

History: Blog Beast is the second generation EN blogging platform also known as ENV2 (empower network version 2). Empower Network is basically a blogging community that was started on Halloween 2011. It is based around the Network Marketing industry and training products.

How to make money with Blog Beast? There are many bloggers who have learned (after years of trial and error) how to get lots of traffic to their blogs from their posts. However, many bloggers still struggle to properly monetize their efforts.

You generate traffic to your lead capture pages that they provide for you with your blogging efforts and the Blog Beast. The traffic will then visit your blog post via search engines. Then X amount of people will click on your banners. Then X amount of people will ‘optin’ for more info. Then X amount will convert into sales off the sales video.

Leveraged Blogging: Empower Network has thousands of ‘active’ bloggers submitting content to the search engines daily. Google does not love Empower. Google loves themselves. So Google sees that Blog Beast has a lot of content being produced by EN members and they give them love in return in the form of traffic.

So in truth, Google sees EN (for now) as a source of fresh content daily for their Internet Users.

Empower Network Comp Plan: You make only what you are ‘positioned’ for. They have a $25 (basic blog), $100 (inner circle), $500 (Costa Rica), $1,000 (15K Formula) and a $3,500 Masters Course.

All their products payout 100% commissions except the Masters Course which pays out a $3,000 commission.

Pass Up Sales: You pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that point to your sponsor.

Residual Commission: You receive pass ups listed above from your team.

Should you join Blog Beast and Empower Network?

Look, you can make money with them if you are serious and actually do some ‘consistent’ work daily. You’ll only get what you put in. Most of the people in Empower don’t make any money because most of the people hardly do anything at all.

Some people will write one or two blog posts (maybe even 10) then sit back to wait and ‘see’ if this will work for them.

That is insanity at it’s finest.

The Real Opportunity isn’t the Biz Opp itself. The real opportunity lies in what you are ‘willing’ to do with it and how much leverage it will give you!

Auto Recruiting Platform Review – Does it really work?

Auto Recruiting Platform ReviewHeard of the Auto Recruiting Platform and are wandering what it will do for you? Is this just another ‘hyped’ up business opportunity disguised as an Internet Marketing platform and lead generation machine? Find out now…

Chances are you received an email or clicked on link that sent you to this system. You saw a brief video of an entrepreneur (founder) that really didn’t give you much info about what this system had to offer. so you decided to go out and do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo to find out more.

1- Mobile Marketing System: This is a system that revolves around an SMS chat system. This feature is a lot more powerful than email marketing since recipients (leads) will receive text messages right to their mobile phone.

Email marketing will always be around but it has lost a lot of reach since the average user seems to be bombarded with tons of emails on a daily basis. Google has even divided Gmail into 3 sections (3 inbox’s) to provide their users with and easier email experience.

Many Internet Entrepreneurs are struggling to get their emails read because the average biz opp seeker tends to opt in to many different sales funnels at the same time. Many emails aren’t even being read due to the fact that email marketing is ‘highly’ competitive these days.

2- Front End System: You can use this system as a ‘feeder’ system to allow you to build any business opportunity that you are already in.


Any leads that this system generates for you can be used to build an existing opportunity. All you have to do is add your business funnel on the ‘inside’. So in essence, this does not ‘compete’ with what you are already doing. It only ‘adds’ value to it.

3- Immediate Income Source: If you wish to use the Auto Recruiting Platform as an income opportunity in itself, you can do so right now. But keep in mind that there is a ‘resale’ rights option that won’t be in existence for too long.

ARP is currently in ‘Beta’ mode at the time of writing this article. There are many benefits to getting started right now – one of which will allow you to become a ‘founding’ member (at the time of this article) which will give you the ‘advantages’ if you take action now.

4- A More Serious Lead: ARP was built on this premise – If a person is serious, they will not hesitate to enter their phone number into the opt in process. This indicates a more serious lead and indicates a more probable purchase would be made by this type of person.

5- Sorts Traffic: ARP sorts through all of your traffic for you. In the Network Marketing and Direct Sales, money is made when you are dealing with ‘serious’ people. This platform sorts through all of the ‘curious’ George’s that easily give up their email addresses that are just interested in learning or just plain curious.

However, curiosity killed the cat remember?

Conclusion: The Auto Recruiting Platform can be used as an income opportunity in itself or it can be used as a way to ‘leverage’ serious prospects and the system to build your already ‘existing’ business.

It can be used in any industry where leads need to be ‘generated’ and you can even create a ‘side’ business for yourself as a ‘service’ to brick and mortar businesses and corporations.

I hope you enjoyed my ARP Review.

Asea Review – Network Marketing Opportunity

Asea MLMIf you are looking for a good review Asea then you probably just saw a business overview but want to some help making up your mind. You probably want to know if the company is legitimate or just a scam, if the product is the real deal and how to make money with them.

Here we go:

It is basically a liquid nutritional product that is supposed to provide your body with  a way to replenish ‘Redox Signaling Molecules’ (a term that I never heard before). Apparently Redox Signaling Molecules keep your body healthy and vibrant. Without them, your health and immune system would suffer. I am not a scientist so I can not determine if this product is what they say it is. However, if it really does what they say it does, then this would really be a remarkable opportunity, company and product.

The company is legit. They are not a scam. Scams are what disgruntled people call business opportunities when they fail to find success or they quit when they find out that there is real work involved.

How do you make money with Asea? You sell the product just like you would any other network marketing opportunity. You can make immediate income by selling the products to customers. You can make a lot more money if you get a team of distributors under you selling to others. You can make residuals based on team volumes.

Should you join? I would definitely check out the product first if I were you. If it does what they say it does, then there is a lot of potential here for you and more importantly your customers. If you are really serious about pursuing this opportunity, get the product into your own hands. If you solely rely on review sites then you might miss out if this is the real deal.

Review sites especially forums always attract their share of skeptics and negative people who like to pretty well bash everything that comes into the internet realm.

My final thoughts: The main thing that causes most network marketing distributors and reps to fail is the lack of one thing – An education. I don’t mean traditional schools or college by the way (they will definitely not teach you how to become a millionaire or entrepreneur).

Most reps fail because most network marketing companies don’t offer much training. They show you how to make a couple of sales to family and friends.


Because they figure that the ‘average’ rep can make about three sales. Three sales will make the average person next to nothing in profits. Why would they do that? Because most companies don’t really care if you make money. They will usually find a group of leaders who already know what they are doing and then make an offer to them in order to get the leaders to promote the company for them.

Network Marketing is pretty well a way to get a whole bunch of people to do a few things and the companies prospers.

Well enough of the doom and gloom. There is always a silver lining in every cloud. As preposterous as this whole idea is, the industry of network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry known to the common man.

World Consumer Alliance Review – An Alternative to Craig list?

World Consumer AllianceThis review will answer some basic questions about World Consumer Alliance like: Is this a legitimate opportunity? How does this work?

How do you make money with them? Is there a market for their product line?

Should you join? Let’s find out:

The Company: World Consumer Alliance was launched in January 2013 by Blaine Williams and Paul Skulitz. They are headquartered in Sarasota Florida, USA. They were originally ‘Wealth Creation Alliance’ that was first started back in August 2012 but had to close down soon after they found out that a scam program owned by someone else was using the same name.

Is this a legitimate opportunity? So far it looks like it is. Only time will tell. Their corporate website has the company owners real names and pictures on it. Most people who decide to run scam sites don’t include their identities. So this is a good sign.

Product Line: The main product seems to be online advertising. This is supposed to be an online ad network similar to Craig list and other famous networks except for one thing: They allow MLM and affiliate advertising throughout the whole network. Craig list and other ad networks like Backpage usually delete affiliate ads. So this will be a safe haven for affiliate marketers to run their ads.

How does this work? You can get started with them for as little as $2.This basically buys you an ad block. You are buying ad units – text ads and banner ad impressions. How many do you get for two bucks, I don’t really know.

How do you make money with World Consumer Alliance? You get money back on your investment. I believe that you get a 162% return on investment. Where the money comes from, I’ll leave it up to your imagination. This seems to be promising profit and a very high ROI.

It is almost like an HYIP that uses an advertising portal as the main product.

Is there a market for the product line? Well if this company offers what they promise – advertising for affiliates, then yes there will definitely be a market. There are always many struggling affiliates and network marketing reps trying to find places or ways to advertise their business’s. You will just have to find a way to put this in front of them.

Should you join? Well the start up costs are very low and the return (profits) seems very high, so I wouldn’t invest too much money at first. It seems very promising just as long as this company stays in business. However, the ROI seems a little too high which may be a little unrealistic for a company to stay in business and remain profitable. Be careful. This concludes my review of WCA.

Ardyss International Review – An Opportunity with Flare?

Ardyss InternationalLooking for a good review of Ardyss International? Then you probably saw the company business overview and are looking for some last minute answers. Find out if they are legitimate, if there is a demand for their product line, how to make money with them and if this may a right fit for you?

The Company: They first got started back in 1989. The company was founded by Antonio Diaz Leon. They eventually moved their headquarters to Las Vegas in 2007 where they really started to grow into a lot of momentum. Not bad for a company that was first started in a 984 square foot warehouse in Mexico by a guy with a big dream and the support of his family.

Are they legitimate? Yes they most certainly are. No I am not affiliated with them in anyway. I’m just a guy who ‘writes’ his own paycheck by writing articles online. When you hear the word scam, it is usually by some ‘disgruntled’ opportunity seeker who failed to find ‘their’ success and then try to blame a company for their failure.

Is there a demand for their product? Yes there most certainly is. Think about it, they are ‘focused’ in the health and wellness industry and one of their main products is the ‘Body Magic’.

We are now in the time where most people are health ‘conscious’ and looking for more ways to ‘improve’ themselves. The health and wellness products can help people with this. Now the Body Magic product will surely have a large customer appeal.


Most people want to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ great.

However, most people don’t want to pay the price of working out and sweating their pounds off.

The Body Magic in my personal opinion will sell like hot cakes. You put it on and are able to drop up to three sizes (in some cases). It is also supposed to give you upper and lower back support, support your abdomen and even give you a more ‘shapely’ look.

How to make money with Ardyss International? There are up to 10 ways to make money but the two main one’s are:

  • Retail Sales
  • Downline Sponsoring

Should you join? Ardyss does seem to have a lot of great energy that will definitely assist you with passion and excitement. They also seem to have a lot of style and flare.

If an opportunity ‘feels’ right to you and it ‘checks’ out, then just follow your gut. Keep in mind that in order to become successful with any opportunity, you will have to learn how to keep ‘promoting’ your business and yourself.


Because not everyone will follow through with their ‘decision’ to get started.

Your success will require hard work (the hard part is to keep on keeping on while keeping your negative ‘subconscious’ self limiting beliefs at bay), determination and ‘consistency’.

If you like Ardyss International, then by all means get in and do it soon. Don’t think too hard and end up talking yourself out of a good opportunity. This concludes my review.

Nutrie Review – Is Automatic Body the Real Deal?

nutrieautomaticbody(Revised February 2015) If you’re looking for a good review of Nutrie and Automatic Body, then you probably have some questions like:

Does it work? How to make money with it? Is there a market for the product line? Can this work for you? Let’s find out…

Nutrie and Automatic Body is located in Scottsdale Arizona and was started by well known fitness trainer – Kim Lyons and Internet marketing guru – Aaron Parkinson.

kimlyonsnutrieKim Lyons was the head fitness trainer for “Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Challenge” as well as the main star in the hit show – “The Biggest Loser” (first two seasons) and “The Dr Oz Show”.

aaronparkinsonAaron Parkinson has been in the home business and network marketing industry since the early 2000’s.

He originally was a burn’t out husband and father who juggled his time between two jobs – a car salesman and a night club bouncer. Aaron got fed up with the long hours away from home, his wife and especially his new born daughter Soleil.

Driven by the love for his family, he managed to replace and surpass his income by marketing a direct selling business opportunity that he started with $2,000 (borrowed funds). Later he became so successful, that he was asked to co-found a very well known and successful internet marketing platform that was responsible for changing many people’s lives. That opportunity while it was around, even created some millionaires out of ‘normal’ people.

How Does Nutrie’s Automatic Body Work?

The ‘Automatic Body’ By Nutrie’s main theme revolves around a program that allows you to make ‘small’ changes to your physical body instead of a huge change that some people try to do and end up failing. People do better with ‘making’ changes that are small and gradual because it can be slowly ‘introduced’ to the mind & forms a ‘habit’ because of the consistency.

This program will work great for the majority of people who truly want to live life to its fullest by having the optimal health and a balanced lifestyle. If you are truly serious and make the ‘commitment’ to your physical health along with following the program all the way, you will be successful.

This program is the ‘exact’ opposite of ‘quick fix’ diets or crazy routines that will not work because anything too extreme to the human mind is too big of a ‘gap’ to understand and undertake.

When every you take ‘baby’ steps but remain ‘consistent’, your results end up lasting for the long term because you maintain ‘balance’ and harmony.

The Automatic Body Smart Phone App:

Nutrie Smart Phone App

You will receive weekly ‘notifications’ that will tell you what ‘small’ change to make and when to do it. You will be getting these notifications right to your smart phone. You will also have the ability to ‘accept’ or deny each suggestion. The app even keeps track of your score and will compile enough data to actually see your development and growth.

In most ‘traditional’ programs, most people quit way too soon because they don’t really keep track of their growth and losses. With the app, you will never lose track of your track of your ‘results’ ever again because you will always have a digital record right on your ‘smart’ phone (and to me this is a very smart idea).

It is kind of like a having access to a physical trainer & nutritionist all in one that is hooked to you by the ‘hip’ on your smart phone.

“Nutrie” in itself as a company, seems to be a combination of weight loss products (health and wellness) and the “Automatic Body” system. The products help you reduce your weight.

The system comes for free with the purchase of any product and can be accessed online via apps and video.


skinne by nutrie1- Skinne: This first product called Skinne is basically an 2 oz energy ‘shot’. You are basically getting a shot of nutrition to help you combat fatigue and keep your weight manageable.

Here is a list of ingredients in Skinne: Raspberry Ketone 50mg, Niacin 20mg, Vitamin B6 1mg, Vitamin B12 1mcg, Magnesium 24mg, Chromium 100mcg, Garcinia Cambogia 500mg, Guarana Extract (seed) 455mg, Conjugated Linoleic Acid 325mg, Rhodiola Rosea Extract 150mg and Caffeine 100mg.

Cost: One Case of 24 (2oz) cans will cost you $79.99 Plus shipping and handling fees. That is roughly about $3.33 per can.

Fuel By Nutrie2- Fuel: This second product called ‘Fuel’ is basically a ‘high’ leveled Protein drink that is balanced with a healthy combination of minerals, fiber and is ‘Gluten’ Free. Fuel is a protein shake in the can that contains 30 grams of high quality protein.

Fuel Ingredients: 30 grams of Milk Protein Concentrate,Iron Zinc, 170 Calories Vitamin A, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Chromium Calcium, Magnesium, Niacin Riboflavin

Cost of Fuel: $99 for 24 (11 fl oz / 325 ml) cans. This is roughly $4.13 per can. Plus shipping and handling.

You can use Fuel anytime you are on the go whether it be in the car or even at work when you might be missing out on a nutritious meal. Since Fuel can also be used as a protein shake for those who are working out and trying to build muscle mass.

Energe by Nutrie3- Energe: The last product called energe is an ‘alternative’ to unhealthy energy drinks and doesn’t come with the usual side effects. When ever you feel like you are ‘lacking’ energy in your busy day, energe can help you get through the day conveniently and healthily.

Energe Ingredients: Vitamin C 300mg, Taurine 1000mg, Guarana Seed Extract 455mg, Ashwanghanda 200mg, Rhodiola 200mg, Astragalus 150mg, Caffeine, Guarana Extract 100mg Inositol 100mg, Panax Ginseng 100mg, Schisandra 100mg, D-Ribose 50mg, Choline Chloride 45mcg.

Energe Cost: $79 for 24 (8 fl oz / 250 ml) cans. It will roughly cost you $3.29 per can. Plus shipping and handling.

How do you make money with Nutrie & Automatic Body?

1- Retail: You can buy products (wholesale) and then resale them to customers that you acquire on your own. These sales can be made by individual products or by selling them by the case. This is known as ‘stock piling’ products and then reselling them later. You earn 25% Commissions.

2- Online Store: You can also sell products to preferred customers through your ‘own’ customized corporate website or online store.

3- Recruiting: You can make more money by recruiting or ‘sponsoring’ other distributors or sellers into your downline team. You make money by team volume sales.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started as a Nutrie Partner or Distributer?

It will only cost you $39 Annually. This price includes the membership, a welcome DVD and a wristband.

Optional Levels: You can get bulk starter packs that start at $50, $79, $158, $257 and even $356. Nutrie recommends at purchasing starter packs to at least have some products on hand for customers to try.

Compensation Plan: Click here

Is there a market for the product line? Yes there is. Many people are ‘focused’ on losing weight and making money. However, your success will be determined by your skills as a marketer and communicator.

Can this work for you? Yes it can just as long as you see the big vision with Nutrie and have a ‘Passion’ for the company, the products and the opportunity.

Nutrie seems like an awesome opportunity if you like traditional old school selling tactics like:

1- Personal Contact

2- Home Parties

3- Hotel Style Meetings ETC.

But your earning potential will be based on how many products you are able to sell. You also have the ‘option’ to recruit a downline under you and can earn a sizeable residual if you are good at sponsoring as well as teaching your team how to ‘duplicate’.

Conclusion: If you like what you see and are comfortable with selling (and possibly recruiting if you wish), you can do well with this Nutrie / Automatic Body Business Opportunity. There seems to be a great deal of personal selling involved but you can learn how to market this opportunity on the Internet to broaden your ‘horizons’.

If you like it, don’t over think it, just get back to the first person who introduced you to the opportunity and ‘get in’. This concludes my Nutrie / Automatic Body Review.

However, if you are like me and don’t want to leave your home to make money & do ‘personal selling’, then: leverage the Internet and this system. Like I do.

Regeneration USA Review

In this Regeneration review, you will find out if this is a legitimate opportunity to make money, a brief company history and if there is a real ‘market’ for their product line.

Is this a legitimate opportunity or just a well thought up scam to ‘get’ your hard earned dollars? Want the real truth? They are the real deal. The company is legit in every way. Scams are what some people call opportunities when they ‘fail’ to make them work. It’s easy to just join any company but actually taking the right action is a different story for most new marketers.

The Company: They were first started in 2008 in New Jersey by Justin Chernalis and Ernesto Cadiz. Justin has been involved in the food industry since he was seventeen. Ernesto has a mechanical engineering degree and has been involved in engineering, clothing and telecom industries since 1985.

Main Product line: They are a whole foods distribution company that places a lot of ‘emphasis’ on ‘organic’ ingredients. Their products are supposed to contain only organic ingredients that have zero preservatives and pesticides. They sell stuff that is healthy and promotes life instead of products filled with chemical additives.

How to make money with them? You will sign up as an independent distributor for  the company. You can sell their products through a website that they give you (online store) or you can ‘recruit’ a downline under you.

So basically you can make money by retail profits or you can sponsor people into your organization.

Compensation Plan: Fast start bonuses on 3 different product packages:

Fast Start 1: Costs $150 Profit $50

Fast Start 2: Cost $350 Profit $100

Fast Start 3: Cost $549 Profit $200

Residual Commissions: Earn up to 47% based on your team sales volumes. See their corporate website for more detailed info about their comp plan.

Should you join? If you like see a lot of value in selling nutrition products and think that you can actually find enough customers that are hungry for this type of deal, then this may be for you.

The important thing to keep in mind is to know exactly what kind of money that you’re after. Take out the calculator and really start to punch some numbers into it. If you still like this company and still think that you can find enough people to buy (both retail and downline / biz opp seekers), then go for it.

How Do You Make Money Selling Avon

avon ladyIf you’re trying to figure out how you make money with selling Avon, then you’re probably looking for a ‘way’ to increase your income.

Well yes you can make money from Avon and I have heard that some reps even make as much as $10,000 per month but there are a few things to understand how this is possible.

Avon is a wonderful company, their products offer a lot of value, they are definitely a name to trust and they have been around for a very long time.

Yes they will be around for the long haul.

However, not all the reps make $10,000 per month and there is a reason for that.

The reps who do make that kind of money are in the ‘minority’ because of many different factors.

Avon MoneyHere are some statistics for the ‘average’ rep:

  • Average customer spends approximately $25 per order
  • Average customers per two week campaigns = 10
  • Median commission for selling Avon = 25%

Let’s do some math:

(For this example, let’s assume that you have 10 customers to sell to for every two week interval)

10 customers X $25 = $250 X (0.25) = $62.50

Your profit based on 10 customers that are buying at least $25 every two weeks would make you around 60 to 70 dollars (before) your expenses.

Remember Avon does have costs like brochures among other expenses that they pass down to their independent reps.

And that is based on every two weeks. The ‘average’ rep would then make around $35 profit before expenses by finding and selling to 10 customers every two weeks.

Now if you want to make money for the full month, then you will have to find 10 more customers for the next campaign.

These numbers above would assume that you are capable of finding and maintaining 20 (regular) customers that will buy from you every month.

Will they buy from you every month?

Who knows.

How do you find customers?

  • By selling to family and friends (this you can do but how many of them will actually buy and how consistently?
  • Home parties
  • Approaching anyone that is 3 feet from you (personal contact) but you will have to learn how have thick skin and not be shy.
  • Door to door selling (not a pleasant idea for most people)

The reps that do make 10K per month are very ‘aggressive’ people that have thick hides and are not shy at all. They make most of their money by ‘recruiting’ other reps under them (which increases their sales volume and allows them to benefit in ‘residual’ commissions.

Should you join?

Well if you only want to make an extra few hundred dollars per month and don’t mind personal selling, delivering products, collecting payments, paying the expenses like gas for your car and the company’s other expenses, then give it a go!

If you are very aggressive and don’t mind sponsoring or recruiting other people in your sales force, then you can make a lot more money.

However, for the average rep that has a full time job or family to deal with, you may only be limited with X amount of dollars each month.

Most Avon reps struggle with the ‘lack’ of customers to sell to and just don’t have enough time to find more.

EPX Body Review

EXP BodyLooking for a good EPX Body review? You have seen this opportunity somewhere and want to know what the Internet has to say about it – good or bad? Let’s dig into it:

The Company:

It seems that EPX Body is an MLM company that was first started in April 2012 by a veteran marketer named Dan Putman. Opportunities started by experienced marketers are usually good because they have a good understanding of the industry and the mind set of opportunity seekers.

Product line:

Weight loss products and fat burners.

Start Up Costs:

$40 initially and then $40 per month.

Compensation Plan:

You will make between 25 to 40% commissions for product sales.

You can also earn residuals down to 5 levels deep.

Should you join? There seems to be a lot of weight loss and nutrition products already out there however, a marketer can always market anything. Keep in mind that in order for you to have success with any opportunity, that you will have to be able to ‘generate’ your own business leads on a ‘daily’ basis and also know how to ‘convert’ your leads into dollars.

If a company has a large enough vision for ‘their’ people (not just themselves) and the product line and training model offers real value, then they will prosper. However, if they are short sighted (only out for themselves) then their profit lines will suffer along with their organization.

Savings Highway Review

Chances are you have just seen the Savings Highway business overview and you’re looking for a good review to help you make a better decision. Is it legit? How much does this cost? How much can you make? Is there a demand for this product line? Let’s find out:

Is this a legitimate income opportunity or just a scam? Scams are what pissed off and inexperienced people cry out when they try something online and fail miserably. This company is set up legitimately and would have been shut down in their first week by the FTC if they didn’t set themselves up right. Most MLM’s will always hire lawyers before making any business plans and company launches.

I think that Savings Highway is a good opportunity (no I am not a member) for people to save money and make a little money.

History: The company was first started by Steve Gresham and his wife Maria originally out of Athens Georgia.

How much does it cost to get started? It will cost you $150 for a ‘ultimate’ membership or $59 for an ‘economy’ membership.


How much can you make? You basically make money for the number of memberships that you personally sell. You can also make additional income paid down to 15 levels.

  • For every $150 membership that you sell, you earn $75.
  • For every $59 membership that you sell, you earn $30

Is there a demand for their products? Their products are memberships to third party service providers that offer:

  • Road side assistance
  • ID theft restoration
  • Diners club savings
  • Discount movie savings
  • Doctor savings
  • hotel savings
  • grocery savings

And much more (too many to list). However, you would have to really do some more research into these ‘third’ party savings providers to find out how much of a deal you are actually getting on any product or service.

Here is an example of a medical voucher:

Refer two and your memberships is free: At the time of writing this article, they had a special promotion, if you sell two memberships, yours is free! Sounds good to me.

Here is an example of a grocery voucher:

Conclusion: Savings Highway seems like a good opportunity. I am not going to bash it like some people are or bash MLM. Many people who write about MLM seem to feel ‘negatively’ about it. Look, most people fail in MLM mainly because they lack the proper ‘education’ in regards to marketing and promotion.

Now just because people fail, this does not mean that MLM’s are scams. What it means is that most MLM companies know that the majority of people won’t succeed because they lack the proper training to do so.

What this is saying is…

Most MLM companies really figure that the average rep or distributor will make about 3 sales (if that) from personal selling to families and friends.

I would recommend that this opportunity is good for people who have experience in selling, marketing and promotion. It also has good products of value.

But for the vast majority, I you don’t like sales, personal selling or aren’t very aggressive like me, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you had any experience with Savings Highway and feel that I left out any important details, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

Pro Travel Network Review – Are they Legit or a Scam?

Looking for answers and a good review of this Pro Travel Network? Then you may be considering it but have some unanswered questions. Read this open report before joining any travel business. This is an unbiased write up about the company by me since I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Is Pro Travel Network a legitimate opportunity or just a scam? Look, the only people that right about scams online are people who failed to have success.

There are some scam reports filed on the internet but these are just from some disgruntled people who didn’t do enough research before starting the opportunity. They probably didn’t realize what it takes to make these kinds of sales and most likely have no entrepreneurial experience.

This company has been around for over 10 years and if they weren’t legit, they would have been shut down by the FTC (Federal Trades Commission) a long time ago.

Company history: They were first started in 2003. The company is headquartered in Fresno, California and Markham, Ontario, Canada.

How do you make money with them? You will be given your own replicated website where you can sell all kinds of travel products from: air, hotel, car rentals and cruises ETC.

Educational Requirements: You will need to get an IATA Card which will give you federal permission to book and sell travel products as a certified independent travel agent. The cost for an IATA Card is around $500 and an additional $99 annual renewal fee.

Compensation Plan:

25% – commissions on all sales if you have not passed the training and have ‘referred’ your clients to Pro Travel Network’s Internal support staff.

80% commission after you have completed all the training requirements.

How does this work? You will be responsible for finding all of your customers before any sales can be made. You will also have to become IATA certified before you will be able to make your own bookings for customers.

How do you find customers? You will have to learn how to advertise if your planning on making enough sales in order to get a good return on from your efforts.

Should you join Pro Travel Network? I would do some more research on the company and their product costs. Yes they pay out 80% commissions but how expensive are their products? If they have competitive pricing that can offer your customers some kind of deal, then this may be worth looking into more.

However, if their prices are too expensive, then it will be too hard to sell. Also, remember that you will be required to find your own customers so experience with advertising and promoting would definitely be an asset.

This concludes my review.

MMB60 Review – Mind Money and Body?

MMB60In this MMB60 Internet Marketing Opportunity review, you will find out some brief info on the company, the founder, the vision, the product line and how to make money with this income generating system.

I am not affiliated with this company at all and this is a 100% unbiased review. The information set forth in this article is very brief and was only put together to give you some quick info to help you make an ‘educated’ decision.

The company is brand new (ground floor) at the time of writing this article. It was officially launched on March 3rd, 2013 By Jason Spurlock. Jason has helped launch seven figure businesses three times in a row.

jason spurlockHe was also the founder of a company called Network Marketing VT and The PowerLine 1000 Marketing System. He also co-founded another company and system called UProfitPro with  industry legend – John Lavenia.

The Vision: They want to basically create an elite group of marketers and community members who become enlightened and inspired by the areas of wealth, health and wisdom – Mind, Money and Body ETC.

The Product Line: Their products are membership based and deal with the three areas that I already mentioned above.

Mind: You will get access to information, training and even coaching about getting into the right ‘mindset’ in order to become successful. Most people have many areas right ‘inside’ their own mind blocking them from experiencing a life of bliss and fulfillment.

This is a very important topic that blocks most people because they are so ‘conditioned’ that most will even resist information that can very well transform their lives.

Money: Audio, Video and even webinars to help you get your financial house in order. You get:

  • 8 weeks of Money Mastery Training
  • 60 Days of marketing and lead generation training 
  • 8 Weeks of live webinar coaching modules
  • Daily mindset and motivation teleconferences 
  • And Much More

Body: You will basically get access to 60 days of all kinds of information and coaching that will help you get your body in top physical shape.

How do you make money with MMB60? You will sell memberships to potential members in order to make money with them.

How much does it cos to get started? To be in a money making position, it will cost you $98 per month to remain active. Every time you make a sale, you will earn 100% commissions.

Compensation Plan: This is similar to an Aussie 3 UP. You will be required to pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that point.

Don’t like pass ups? Well don’t feel too bad, if you’re actually planning to have success with any opportunity, you will be earning residual commission (pass ups) from your team.

Apriori Beauty Review

apriori beautyIn this review of the Apriori Beauty home based business opportunity, you will get some brief information about the company, the product line, the compensation plan (how to make money) and how it works leaving you with enough info to make an educated decision – to join or not.

The Company: They were first started in 2009 by women for women. The first three women to found this amazing opportunity were: Candace Keefe, Suzanne Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck. They basically founded this company with one thing in mind – to ‘empower’ women by enabling them to look good, feel good and even assist other women to do the same.

This company has a lot of good energy and that definitely has to do with the founders and their vision.

I am in no way affiliated with the Apriori Beauty company so this is possibly one of  the most unbiased reviews that you may read about them. When ever you have a company that has ‘strong’ leaders with a vision that has the people in their organization in mind, the company and the people always flourish.

Wow! I’m a guy and I kind of feel like joining (just kidding).

The Product Line: As you probably guessed from the company outline that I wrote above, they are selling beauty and anti aging products. Now based on the reviews  that I saw on youtube  there are many women who absolutely love Apriori Beauty products. So that says that there is a lot of value in what they have to offer.

Compensation Plan: You will make between 15 to 30% commissions for the products that you retail. When you buy the products from the company, you will get a rebate from 15 to 30% and then you earn money when you sell them back for the full retail price. If you are able to make sales every week, you can get paid every week.

There is also residual income that can be earned if you decide to sponsor or ‘recruit’ people into your organization. The more sales volume your team makes, the more you will make.

Start Up Costs: You can get started with a basic starter kit for $79.00 which will give you everything you need for your first 30 days in business.

How does this work? You try the products out for yourself. If you see value in them, then this will fire you up enough to start taking action. You can sell the product line by doing home parties, selling to family, friends and even strangers.

Should you join? If you’re the type of person who is confident, out going and a people person, then this may be right up your alley.

The only problem that I find with these types of companies is that the main form of business building is through personal contact. What causes most independent reps in any MLM opportunity to struggle is the lack of customers.

If you’re absolutely on fire regarding this opportunity then jump into it with both feet and do not stop until you get what you’re looking for.

Arbonne International Review

Arbonne InternationalIn this Arbonne International review you will find out: Is this company a legitimate opportunity? Or just a scam to get your money? Is there a market for their products? Can you make money selling Arbonne? What’s involved? Should you join?

Is this a legitimate opportunity or just a scam? They are definitely a legitimate opportunity. The company was first started in 1975 and they pay out based on commissions that you earn for selling their products. Scams are what people call opportunities when they fail after trying to find success.

They sell products similar to Avon and Mary Kay.

Is there a market for their product line? Of course there is always people looking for beauty and health products. You will just have to learn how to find people looking for this kind of stuff and put your opportunity in front of them.

Can you make money selling Arbonne? Yes you can. As I said above, you will have to learn how to present your products to people who are looking for them. When ever you sell a product, you can expect to make around a 35% commission. You can also ‘sponsor’ or ‘recruit’ people into your downline and make an additional 4% override commission on their sales.

What’s involved? You will basically have to sell products by home parties, hotel meetings (if you choose), friends and family and even door to door if you wish. You make money every time your successful in making a sale. You can even build a downline and make more money.

Start Up Costs: $79 to become an independent rep in the US and $95 in Canada.

Should you join? If you are passionate about the products, home parties and personal selling then this may be for you. They are definitely a good company with a solid track record. They also have good products that are in demand.

If you have good people skills and aren’t shy, then this may be right up your alley. If Arbonne International feels right to you, then just follow your gut.

AMS Health Sciences Review – Read Before Joining

ams_health_scienceIn this AMS (Advantage Marketing Systems) review, you will find out – Is this a legitimate opportunity or scam? Is there a market for the products? Can you make money with them and how much? Should you join? Let’s find out:

Is this a legitimate opportunity? Yes it is. AMS Health Services was first started over 14 years ago and is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Any company that is located in the United States is governed by the laws that are enforced by the Federal Trades Commission (a consumer watch dog).

You will get paid what ever it is that is stated in their agreement with independent contractors or reps.

Is there a market for their products? Yes there is since they are involved with the nutrition and wellness industry. There is always a demand for products that can help people become more healthy and wealthy.

Can you make money with them? Yes you can. You make money by ‘recruiting’ people into your downline. They are an MLM based company so there is always immediate and residual incomes involved.

How much can you make with them? That all depends on how good you are at recruiting and sponsoring other members into your team. The more members you sponsor and the more you teach them how to sell and recruit, the more you will make.

In this industry, the amount of money you make is in direct proportion to the amount of ‘value’ that you offer to people in your business. Want to make more money? Then find ways to help more people.

Should you join? If you are already ‘experienced’ with recruiting and sponsoring people into MLM’s and you are passionate about the opportunity, then this may be for you.

However, if you’re like most people – suffering from the lack of skill sets like ‘marketing’ and promotion, then you may suffer too. Most new marketers fail in this industry because they don’t know how to generate ‘enough’ leads for their business.

Most MLM’s lack the training necessary to teach you how to promote like a professional. Instead many companies teach you how to sell to family and friends  since they figure the ‘average’ person can probably make about 3 warm market sales before they quit.

Network marketing is about getting a lot of people doing a few small things which enables the companies to sell a whole bunch of products. This is good for the company but not for the average rep.