How Much Money Can You Make Selling Avon?

Many women and even some men are getting involved with Avon in hopes of supplementing or even replacing their income. If you are here today then most likely you’re considering joining but are wondering if it’s going to be worth your time.

Well before I go any further into this topic I will first say that selling Avon as an independent rep is having your own business. And your success will be determined by how much you put into ‘your’ business and your overall knowledge about how Avon works.

Here is a chart with earning potential for Avon:

$1 – 119.99 = 10% profit
$120 – 214.99 = 20% profit
$215 – 319.99 = 30% profit
$320 – 464.99 = 35% profit
$465 – 1064.99 = 40% profit
$1065 – 1,684.99 = 45% profit
$1,685 or more = 50% profit

Let’s do some math:

For this example, we’ll assume you are ‘above’ average in sales and are capable of at least making 40% commissions. We will go with 40% commissions because making 50% isn’t very common. Actually making between 10 to 25% commissions are more common.

Avon does not payout 50% on all products even if you make the $1,685 quota above. There are some specialty products that always pay between 10 to 15%.

Suppose you managed to get 100 paying customers who didn’t want fringe benefits like getting Avon products at your cost…

But in this example we will give everyone reading this the benefit of the doubt and assume your capable of making at least 40% commissions by working your butt off.

100 X $20 (average customer spend per month not per campaign) = $2,000 X [40%] = $800.

Now for the added expenses (remember this is a real business):

1- Gas (how much would you have to spend in transportation for 100 customers per month? Maybe around $200 to $300

So take $800 – $300 and your left with $500 right?


2- Other costs to sell Avon Products:

a) Delivery to you

b) catalogs

c) bags

d) other expenses

Okay from that left over $500 you will probably have to ‘trim’ another $200 off for these added expenses from a to d above.

$500 – $200 = $300

Now about your time?

You will need to work anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week. Okay let’s say you put in an extra 15 hours per week to cater to your hundred customers.

So: [15 hours per week X 4 weeks] = 60 Hours per month.

Now $300 divided by 60 hours per month = approximately $5 per hour.

You’re looking at about five bucks per hour working or selling Avon if you are lucky and outgoing enough to actually find 100 customers and make 40% commissions.

Now to the more ‘realistic’ details of ‘average’ sales reps..

Most reps sell between $100 to $200 that would leave you with 20 to 30 % commissions at best before your fees and expenses of running your business. So for the average rep, sell $200 every two weeks and you can make around $50 to $60.

Sounds a bit frustrating don’t you think?

Now for any of you who really want to make real profit for yourself, I honestly wouldn’t recommend Avon at all.


For those of you reading this right now who still want to go on and give Avon a try, I wish you all the success in the world and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

But for those of you who understand that Avon’s ‘new’ compensation changes are for the benefit of the corporation and not the average rep then here is a much: better way to make money from home WITHOUT ever having to leave your home again to make income. This opportunity is more geared towards the ‘entrepreneurial’ mind.

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