How Much Money Can You Make Selling Avon?

avon ladyMany women and even some men are getting involved with Avon in hopes of supplementing or even replacing their income. If you are here today then most likely you’re considering joining but are wondering if it’s going to be worth your time.

Well before I go any further into this topic I will first say that selling Avon as an independent rep is having your own business. And your success will be determined by how much you put into ‘your’ business any your overall knowledge about how Avon works.

Here is a mathematical break down of how much money you can earn as an independent rep:

$1 – 119.99 = 10% profit
$120 – 214.99 = 20% profit
$215 – 319.99 = 30% profit
$320 – 464.99 = 35% profit
$465 – 1064.99 = 40% profit
$1065 – 1,684.99 = 45% profit
$1,685 or more = 50% profit

It seems that the highest percentages of commissions are at the 50 percent mark. So if you want to make some kind of profit you will have to sell at least $2,000 worth of product in order to make around $1000 in profit.

Sounds like a good plan to me. However, let’s first get a better idea of how you can pull this off.

Your average customer will most likely spend around $25, so you will need around 100 customers in order to pass the 2K mark. One hundred customers times $25 = $2500.

Fifty percent of $2500 = $1,250

However, not all Avon products that you sell will give you a fifty percent commission. ‘Speciality’ items like clothes, shoes, decorations and household products usually stay at the 20% mark.

So in a nutshell, to make a thousand bucks per month, you will need to find around 100 customers per month. Each campaign runs for 2 weeks so you will need to find at least 50 customers to sell to in each campaign.

Make sense?

Now to the more realistic details of ‘average’ sales reps..

Most reps sell between $100 to $200 that would leave you with 20 to 30 % commissions at best before your fees and expenses of running your business. So for the average rep, sell $200 every two weeks and you can make around $50 to $60.

Sounds a bit frustrating don’t you think?

Well these are major factors that most sponsoring reps fail to mention to their new ‘recruits’. Most new reps are so anxious to get started that they don’t really get into all of the important questions and details until it’s too late.

Now, given all that I said above, you can still make some good money selling Avon but you will have to work your butt off especially in the beginning.

If you want to make at least a couple thousand bucks per month you will have to:

1- Become a great sales person

2- Go door to door introducing your self as the new Avon lady or man on the block

3- Upgrade your people skills

4- Recruit other sales reps into ‘your’ organization to help you increase your monthly sales volumes

5- Do home parties

6- Rinse and repeat


Yes you can make money from selling Avon but you will have to learn how to ‘press’ through it especially in the beginning stages just like any business. Now should you really be joining Avon? Well that is another great question altogether.

Now the main problem that most new reps face is the lack of leads for their business. I don’t know about you but I sure don’t like the idea of going door to door to sell anything.

I am kind of lazy in the traditional sense but know first hand that it takes a great deal of work and determination to succeed in any business. New reps are still being taught the same out dated information to build their business’s that they taught back in the 60’s.

What may have worked for grandma back then may not be too appealing for the average girl today.

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